by sparrow springs


The Artist Behind Sparrow Springs

I dread doing these things. Absolute drudgery. However, the gurus say you have to show up and show people who you are. So here we go. My name is Sara Ferrari. I have been creating art for others for over two decades. Over the years, I have explored many different art mediums. I have worked in pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic, polymer clay, paper mache, leather, driftwood, wood carving, fiber art, photo manipulation, and digital art. I will probably think of another one at 2 AM. What can I say? I love to learn, but it leads to many problems. Especially once I decided to venture into the world of being an artist/entrepreneur.

“You need to find a niche.”

That’s what everyone told me. Find a niche. Several years of trying to stick to just one thing murdered my inspiration. At one point, I didn’t make a single piece of art for almost two years. I have tried to grow a following in the past, but it has been frustratingly slow. I understand. Really. It’s hard to follow a person unless you are 100% invested in their content. In 2015, I filed paperwork to make Sparrow Springs an official business. I began selling my artwork, but that was another rabbit trail. Suddenly I had to be an interior design expert, which was of no interest to me. I had no following, no niche, and no motivation. If only I could make art and not worry about whether or not someone would buy it.

I became a Youtuber

While the world was falling apart in 2020, I was determined to start building a following for my artwork. I planned to put more effort into my Instagram, as well as start Pinterest and Youtube. After years of staring at the number of followers and wondering what I was doing wrong, something changed. Youtube became my “Aha!” moment. I was slowly but steadily gaining followers. Within six months, I had more followers than all of my other platforms combined. The growth was still slow compared to other artists that started around the same time, but I didn’t care. I was finally moving. To be honest, I love it. I don’t care if I ever sell another artwork again. I am a Youtuber.

I still don’t have a niche.

Yep, that’s right. I still don’t have a niche. All the gurus are shaking their heads at me right now. “You’ll grow much faster if you have a niche.” I KNOW! (Yes, I yell at invisible business gurus in my head.) I know I am not alone. I know that there’s a lot of artists out there that want to create. And they want to use every tool or material they can get their hands on.

Here’s to the multi-interested artists!

Let’s do this together. Let’s make stuff. Let’s make whatever we want however we want to. This venture is for you Peeps!

Among other things,

My son, Arrow, is a toddler at the time of writing this. My life isn’t going to slow down. I have the most patient husband (David). I apologize profusely as my art supply gremlin has grown and taken over my studio, the kitchen, the basement, and the garage. He never says a word about it. And, of course, my friends and church family have been fuel for me to continue this crazy ride. Finally, a tribute to the fur babies that provide an endless source of inspiration. Tiko (horse), Wookie (Lassie dog), Lazarus (the cat we love too much to get rid of), Rue (the favorite cat), and Ewok (Angora Rabbit). 

I do get small amounts of spare time on occasion. I like to ride my horse, write stories, play my guitar, play Among Us, hike, and create things with my best friend. That’s about all I can think of that might be mildly entertaining, so I will stop there.

Later Peeps!